About Us

Krave Marketing was created by a 4th Generation Kailua kid who always dreamed of creating unique experiences and events in our wonderful town. 

5,000 + Attendees

Our community comes together like no other community. Come celebrate with us!

Activate Your Brand

We know how important it is or small brands to reach the community. We bring the community right to your brand.

Why This Event?

We recognize that change is happening all around us. We also recognize that in all of our busy lives we see less and less of one another in person and more of each other online. We reminisce in memories of Holiday Mart where you would go in or one item and be stuck an hour talking to old friends. We are bringing that experience back after the tour buses go home. Our visitors are welcome to stay and party and see how Kailua really gets down. Family friendly and fun, just like it used to be. Come experience The Kailua Fall Festival this September 24th, 2022.

Get Your Ticket Now

Join us on September 24th 2022.  It's free!  VIP upgrades are available